Integrating Traditional Musculoskeletal Medicine with Regenexx cutting edge technology. In this slide is an illustration of a simple concept, enhanced by the use of Modern science’s premier healing system. The accumulation of trigger points within muscles affected by radiculopathies is a common occurrence. Traditional treatments with lidocaine and steroid injections into these points although effective in the short term, do not heal the dysfunctional muscle fibers. Using advanced Ultrasound imaging with Regenexx Super Concentrated Platelets, these painful knots within muscles can be directly injected with healing growth factors derived from a patient’s own blood. When coupled with Platelet Lysate Material treating the root of the dysfunction at the level of the exiting nerve roots, the re-occurrence of these points can be prevented allowing for the restoration of normal nerve-muscle kinetics. Tradition meets the future. Yesterday and Tomorrow are merging Today.

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