In this simple picture is a very important idea. Enzymes are molecules that catalyze reactions.All biochemical pathways in your body require enzymes. They act to combine molecules to create new molecules as well as to split apart molecules to release energy (metabolism) and create new smaller molecules. Pathways can become depleted of enzymes leading to pathways shutting down. This is detrimental to the body, causing energy to become used up with no way to be restored as well as limiting the availability of molecules to build new tissue. You body is super intelligent. Why? Because you ancestors survived for eons on planet earth day to day fighting with the elements. Through that struggle your body adapted a way to replenish injured and dying cells with key enzymes so critical biochemical pathways could continue. Stem Cells deliver vital enzymes to injured cells, restoring health and allowing regeneration to proceed. Packaged in little bundles called exosomes these enzymes play a major role in tissue repair. The science of healing, a little bit of enzymes goes a long way.

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