The other day I was thinking about a patient who was doing great from a lumbar PRP until a friend tackled him. It’s a common occurrence, always involving some event over-stressing a healing area and upsetting the process. So I realize that this is how Chinese Medicine developed the ability to pinpoint an acupuncture point to heal let’s say, a runny nose. They observed patients, a LOT of patients and shared info with their colleagues over millenia. That’s where we’re at with Regenerative Medicine, accumulating volumes of info but in a much short period of time. Moving forward with Dr. Chris Centeno’s pioneering work with the MICROENVIRONMENT, we are beginning to understand that generating healing, requires the creation of the biochemical “miracle” that allows for regeneration. As patients begin to heal, setbacks they suffer from overuse or over-stress, are a result of the complex MICROENVIRONMENT “short-circuiting.”

MICROENVIRONMENT, the delicate balance of molecules that must be generated to trigger the healing response varies from patient to patient. A patient may only need one treatment, another three or four, until the miracle happens, the perfect state, the MICROENVIRONMENT of healing is brought into existence.

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