Stem Cells, Yoga and a Cup of Tea

The Regenexx Difference

The Regenexx Difference. When George came to us 3 months ago he had already heard about Regenexx. He knew we offered the highest available Regenerative Biotechnology on the planet. He knew we had the most experience, and he knew we were the most organized Regenerative...

The Serratus Anterior – AC Joint

Serratus Anterior ~ AC Joint. Serratus Anterior has the all important job of keeping your scapula pinned tightly against your rib cage as you elevate your arm above shoulder height. With a poorly functioning or weakened Serratus, the scapula (and thus the acromion;...

A New Technique to Regenerate the ACL

Every day doctors in the field of Regenerative Orthopedics work hard to find better ways to heal patients. It’s an exciting field, and the rewards we receive from our patients smiles, handshakes and hugs fuels the fire to drive us on to the next day. In this video is...

Disc Regeneration

Disc regeneration. Approaching a disc tear via Regenerative Medicine takes time, understanding, and acceptance of the fact the science is still very new. Once the annulus (outer ring) is torn, the fibroblasts (outer ring cells) must be stimulated to create new tissue...

Cell Signaling and Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)

Working with biologics is a fascinating field. A few days ago this article grabbed my attention. What fascinated me wasn’t the title, it was the idea it sparked. That our bodies “malfunction” as they heal. In this paper the role of rising NGF (Nerve Growth Factor)...

The Art of Regenerative Medicine Diagnosis

Connecting the dots from a patient’s history telling is an art whose tools are the soul and intuition of the physician, especially in stem cell medicine. The spiritual connection that exists between patient and provider is intangible, unpublished in the annals of...

Jason’s Story

We love our work! When Jason came to see us, his Instagram handle had already preceded him. “@RastaCane,” the Jamaican Hurricane, contacted me on my Instagram feed “@thestemcelldoc” and immediately his genuine good nature was clear. Doing great after a Regenexx SD...


Any resident in medical school has felt the fatigue and drain that comes from working very long hours without rest. Caffeine, Red Bull you name it, from Adderall in college, students will do anything to push the boundaries of balancing some...

Introduction Blog

Stem Cells, Yoga and a Cup of Tea is a blog written by myself, Jamil Bashir MD.  The inspiration for this blog, comes from the work of Chris Centeno, MD under whom I did my fellowship training and subsequently worked under at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic in Broomfield,...

Growth Hormone is Needed for Healing

Growth Hormone (GH). The healing hormone. Released by the pituitary gland during sleep, as well as in response to intense exercise and periods of fasting, this important hormone regulates the healing and regeneration part of our lives. GH works directly by acting on...

Food Intolerance Testing

We've all heard of the gluten-free movement.  It stems from a segment of the population recognizing that their inflammatory condition was due to a sensitivity to gluten, and that's not just celiac disease, many people just can't tolerate it for other reasons, while...

What is Telomere Testing?

To simplify, telomeres are the short segments or caps on the ends of your DNA, found at the end of each chromosome.  Like shoelaces need an end to keep them from unraveling, so does the DNA and that is the job of telomeres, to prevent wear and tear of the aging...

IV Nutrition and The Ocyon Approach

For its clients Ocyon offers a complete nutritional program. This starts with a micronutrient panel to determine where you are deficient and then this is addressed through intravenous and oral supplementation. The advantage of IV is rapid results. If your GI tract is...

Integrative Nutrition – The Ocyon Approach

As the Director of Integrative Nutrition for Ocyon Interventional Regenerative Medicine my mission is to complement the cutting edge therapies we offer by empowering our clients with information that will guide them toward optimal healing and a preventative health...

A Healthy Thyroid is Key to Rapid Regeneration

Millions who suffer with thyroid issues are are not even aware of their condition. The thyroid is an extremely important regulator of body temperature. It is located at the front  of your neck and is a critical gland in the endocrine system. The thyroid is the largest...

OCYON/Regenexx® Patient Testimonials

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    Keiron Mathias
    Keiron Mathias
    16:20 14 Jan 19
    Before coming to Dr. Bashir, I had multiple injuries including, Knee Shoulder and Neck. Being based in the UK I researched various companies and Dr. Bashir proved to be the ideal fit for the treatment that I was looking for. From the very first call, Dr. Bashir gave me the confidence that he would be able to improve my injuries. His personal service is exemplary. On arrival to Miami, I was impressed by the welcoming atmosphere of the clinic. The treatment was as expected and I look forward to great results.
    Elena Chaqui-Tummolillo
    Elena Chaqui-Tummolillo
    17:13 03 Jan 19
    Finding Ocyon and Dr. Bashir was truly a Godsend. After experiencing severe whiplash from a car accident 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. My neck was always stiff and in pain plus I had frequent headaches. I just wanted to avoid surgery and get back to my regular life. Dr. Bashir spent alot of time with me going over my MRI and discussing treatment options. He also educated me on regenerative medicine and gave me a tour of his state of the art facility. The procedure he performed on me was the best thing that ever happened. I was in and out the same day and it was completely painless. Within 1 week my headaches went away and my neck started feeling normal again. After my 1 month follow up visit, he showed me how my hernia had almost completely reduced and there was no longer any pressure on my nerves. I cannot be anymore grateful for Dr. Bashir and all of his very friendly staff. Thank you!
    Maria Stark
    Maria Stark
    17:55 12 Nov 18
    Dr. Bashir did a wonderful job when it came to my treatment. I came in with back issues and after having a treatment with Dr. Bashir I am now getting the relief that I needed. I am making great improvements and I am very impressed with the healing effect that my body has been able to achieve. Before meeting Dr. Bashir, my sleeping patterns were interrupted constantly and after my procedure, I am able to sleep all night without waking up in pain. I am very confident in the work Dr. Bashir preformed and have had great success with him. I am having improvements of up to 70%. The OCYON team is one of the best that I have encountered. They were very attentive and treated me like if I was part of their family.
    Luis Bonilla
    Luis Bonilla
    20:37 02 Jan 19
    I was involved in two car accidents is 2017, rear ended twice, not my year to say the least! I had done everything to avoid the "knife", so to speak, as I did not want surgery to repair my 4 herniated discs in my neck and my 3 herniated discs in my mid-back as a result of my two car accidents. I tried everything; acupuncture, chiropractor (three different ones), 18 injections in my back with anti-inflamatory and pain medications, and neck decompression therapy. Although these made me fell better the effects lasted only days. I did not know what else to do besides submitting myself to surgery which, in my early 50's with diabetes, high blood pressure and asthmatic, I did not want to do at all costs. I started to my own research on-line and came across Dr. Bashir and his team of healthcare professional and the work he was doing with platelet replacement therapy. I have never heard of it until then. Intrigued and hopeful I went to see Dr. Bashir for a consultation and after a few minutes of consultation I knew platelet replacement therapy was the way to go! After two treatments, 30 days apart, I felt many times better than when I walked in. Now, 5 months later, I have avoided surgery, regained mobility and range of motion and live pain free. The work that Dr. Bashir and his team, especially Randy, physical therapist who broke me down and put me back together so that Dr. Bashir can practice his art of regenerative medicine, can not be understated. I can enjoy my life again thanks to their professionalism and work. Avoid surgery at all costs until you have met Dr. Bashir and his team!
    16:30 16 Jan 19
    I have had chronic lower back pain and multiple shoulder surgeries over the last 20 years. Not wanting a shoulder replacement or back surgery at this time, I turned to Dr. Bashir for help. I told him about my situation and all the avenues of physical therapy and surgeries that did not yield the desired results. Dr Bashir was very professional and showed a kindness and concern that is not often displayed in the orthopedic field. I am still in the process of recovering, but the stem cell therapy has definitely given me hope that I will be back better than before and without the chronic pain. I am very happy with my choice to forego surgery and exercise all my options like regenerative medicine, and OCYON Regenerative and Dr. Bashir have my utmost confidence.James Quinn 01/16/2019
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