This is an SEM microscopy photo of a stem cell heart muscle cell by Steve Gschmeissner. Notice the architecture, in this small fragment of your amazing human body. Geometric mastery, bathed in millions of life delivering red blood cells.

Stem Cell science has already re-written cardiac medical texts. One of my mentors in medical school, Joshua Hare MD, the director the interdisciplinary stem cell institute at the University of Miami, radically changed then current thought with his work with Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) and heart attack (Medical term Myocardial Infarction) patients. Normally following a heart attack cardiac cells become starved for oxygen as blood vessels become occluded and the vital role of getting oxygen rich red blood cells is compromised.

These injured cells develop into scar tissue which forever changes the mechanics of the Heart and makes victims more susceptible to future problems. Dr Hare’s group decided to experiment with injections of expanded MSCs into Myocardial infarction patients within the first 24 hours of their presentation. So what happened? Cardiac remodeling was completely prevented and normal heart architecture and mechanics were preserved. What also happened is the road to Regenerative Medicine started to become a little more clear

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