The human body is amazingly intricate. In this post exists an idea, a radically different approach to the treatment of Orthopedic injuries. The three structures in green share a common attachment located at the anterior shoulder, the Coracoid process. The Coracobrachialis tendon (bottom left), and the Pectoralis Minor tendon (bottom right) attach at the inferior margin of this bony prominence. Running superior-obliquely, medial to lateral, is the Coracoacromial ligament.

This important stabilizing ligament maintains correct scapular alignment, vital to kinetics. The both brilliant and simple idea that allows Regenerative Medicine specialists to heal injuries fully, is that everything in the body is connected. Can you intuitively see that an injury at one of these structures would transmit abnormal forces and injury to the others?

An injury to one, cannot exist without affecting the others. By using Regenexx technology and optimizing the inherent powers in Stem cells and Platelets to precisely reconstruct the injured segments under advanced Ultrasound Guidance, true regeneration, restoration and healing can take place. The time has come to apply decades of growing knowledge into the practice of Regenerative Medicine, Ocyon, using Regenexx technology is doing just that.

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