As the Director of Integrative Nutrition for Ocyon Interventional Regenerative Medicine my mission is to complement the cutting edge therapies we offer by empowering our clients with information that will guide them toward optimal healing and a preventative health lifestyle based on the simple philosophy that food can be your medicine and medicine can be your food. In the context of a holistic integrative approach to healthcare, how you feed your body is the most important aspect of your well being. ​

Anyone searching for information on how to eat properly for a long and healthy life is confronted with contradictory information, there seem to be a plethora different diets, protocols, belief systems, regimens and modalities that make it almost impossible to identify what kind of dietary lifestyle is the safest and most beneficial.

Yet, one thing is certain, if you approach human nutrition from the standpoint of scientific fact and validated truth then you can understand for yourself what your body needs from a dietary perspective and what you need to do to achieve a balanced holistic lifestyle free of continually searching for the next healing trend. The key is to have someone you trust in the driver’s seat.

Before we dispense with any talk about diet, you should know that the primary nutritive substance that feeds and affects us is not even physical, it is the thoughts that enter our mind. Equanimity is of the highest importance in harmonizing to a healthy lifestyle. Positive thoughts will inform good decisions and vice-versa; bad dietary decisions will inform negative thoughts. Every action we take in life is a choice. Good decisions result from being informed. And that is my job, to educate you to make the best possible choices for your body in complement to the clinical treatment you are receiving. And once that choice is made, to guide you toward a lifestyle that is biogenic, i.e., life giving, and sustainable for mind, body, and spirit.

When it comes to my experience in how to heal, detox and strengthen people with food and plant based medicine I am entirely self taught. Although I have a university degree, there is no single school or academic institution where you can learn what I know. I’m not a licensed doctor, but I’m my own doctor. And everything I know I am willing to use to guide you in achieving your highest aspirations in health and wellness. The type of multidisciplinary education I have invested in for myself in the fields of biochemistry, physics, medicine, nutrition, holistic health, culinary arts, and yoga is not available from any one institution of higher learning. It can only be acquired through disciplined, focused and directed study, trial and error, serendipity and fully immersive experience over many years; in my case it has been a journey of over two decades to reach my qualification of authority on integrative nutrition and wellness.

What my formal university education did teach me was logic, critical thinking and deductive reasoning. These are skills one must absolutely be endowed with in order to have the ability to ask the right questions, discern the right answers, then validate and apply them. Self-improvement has been my foremost goal. On this journey I have gained a unique insight and paramount awareness; I have gathered a treasure trove of practical and scientific knowledge, and I have put into practice the wisdom that I will share with you for your own benefit. When a disciple asked Buddha, “why are we here?” His answer was, “To help alleviate the suffering of others.” And so in the spirit of that philosophy, I am here to serve you on your journey to self-awareness, nutritional awareness and radiant health.

-Victor Sagalovsky

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