I love my work. Mainly because of the patients I get to work with.  Recently I had the pleasure of working with a gentleman approaching his 60th year of life.  He underwent a bone marrow derived aspirate “stem cell” procedure with us for the treatment of his bilateral knee and shoulder pain.  Now 6 weeks out and doing fantastic, we were able to secure more of his trust and our relationship began to deepen.  I learned from him at his follow up visit that he is a true self-taught master of the field of anti-aging.  Our discussions quickly advanced to a discussion of the health benefits of infusions of a very powerful molecule called NAD+.  Being wise enough to know to stop talking and listen whenever I can tell someone knows more than me about a subject, I did just that.  Today we are infusing our first patient, the man I am writing about here, with NAD+.  This week today, Wednesday and Friday I will be blogging about the health benefits of NAD+ and just exactly how it acts in our bodies.

Starting off this three-blog series I thought it necessary to give the readers a very basic understanding of what NAD+ is.  You may have heard of the energy currents in antibodies called ATP.  ATP is the molecule that catalyzes basically every reaction in our bodies.  ATP is made up of a tail of three phosphate atoms that are super negatively charged.  As you know from nature positive attracts negative and vice versa (why the two ends of magnets either repel or attract depending on the position of the poles).  Well ATP is a super energetic molecule with three negatively charged ions linked to one another and a tremendous amount of energy held in these very unstable and reactive bonds.  It takes tons of energy to put ATP molecules together, because these highly unstable bonds really don’t want to form.

Here’s where NAD+ comes into the picture.  You see NAD+ is a molecule that quickly can be reduced or accept a hydrogen atom.  The mitochondria in your body, are your body’s machinery for making ATP and they use this trait of NAD+ to create a gradient of hydrogen atoms that literally turns turbines in your body at a very specific enzyme that generates ATP, called ATP Synthetase.  As this hydrogen gradient allows hydrogen ions to move from one side of the cell membrane of your mitochondria to the other side, the force of the rushing molecules past the arms of the ATP syntheses takes these phosphate ions and binds them together.

You see in nature, ions like hydrogen always move from an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration.  Much like a water wheel, the ATP Synthetase turns as the hydrogen ions flow past it and this is how your body forces these high energy bonds of ATP to form.  It is the release of these ions from one another that leads to the generation of energy that powers every reaction in your body.  So, NAD+ is absolutely necessary for the generation of the energy that is used for every process in your body.

This YouTube link shares a very good visual depiction of what I wrote about here.


Today’s blog hopefully allows you to realize just how vital NAD+ is to every reaction in your body.  On Wednesday and Friday, we’ll go deeper into the role of NAD in the body and how the decline in its quantities throughout our bodies leads to both the appearance of disease and ultimately to aging and death.



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