Introduction to Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine is an exciting new field with far-reaching potential. Nearly every medical specialty today is exploring how Regenerative Medicine is used to enhance patient care. Orthopedics & Musculoskeletal medicine are currently undergoing revolutionary advancements, as physicians and researchers learn how to apply regenerative techniques to optimize and accelerate healing.


Regenerative Medicine is the application of recent discoveries involving the body’s own repair mechanisms to promote healing.  Your body is designed to heal itself.  Every time you twist your ankle or bang your knee, you witness the body’s remarkable ability to heal itself.  The swelling and inflammation that follows injury is blood rushing into the injured site and delivering platelets and repair cells.  Using these platelets (Platelet Rich Plasma; PRP) and repair cells (Mesenchymal Stem Cells; MSCs), Regenerative Medicine specialists are able to deliver your body’s healing powers directly to sites of injury or degeneration.


Platelets are the little band-aids that swim around in your blood and wait for an injury to occur.  In addition to stopping bleeding after you suffer a cut or scrap, they also deliver signaling molecules to injured sites.  These signaling molecules make contact with receptors on the cell walls of injured tissue.  This then sends a message into the cell turning on DNA, beginning the synthesis of new tissue to replace damaged tissue.  Gathering and concentrating these platelets generates PRP.  By concentrating the number of platelets your doctor is able to deliver an amplified healing response to the area of your body that needs help.


Stem cells are a unique type of repair cell that have the capacity to grow into new tissue.  Think of your bone as a cell factory.  Within this factory is bone marrow from which two types of stem cells are produced, as well as a vast number of other types of repair cells.  Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) which can actually grow into new tissue and direct tissue repair, and Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs), which mature into the oxygen carrying cells of your body, Red Blood Cells (RBCs).  HSCs have also been found to be capable of helping heal injuries.

MSCs can further be thought of as the master cell of the repair mechanism of your body.  Not only can MSCs actually transform into damaged cells they come into contact with thereby replacing them, but they also direct other repair cells much like the foreman at a construction site.  With a plethora of other repair cells produced in the marrow that aid in healing, the MSCs could also be thought of as the queen bee, directing the process of tissue repair by the millions of other repair cells, or worker bees.

When your body undergoes an injury, repair cells from your blood rush to the damaged site and begin to tell the damaged cells to undergo healing.  Platelets also arrive delivering much needed signaling molecules.  With the aid of MSCs, both directly transforming into new cells, and directing the millions of other repair cells present, your body is able to lay down new tissue and keep you going strong.

With chronic degenerative diseases like arthritis, Regenerative Medicine specialists are able to use your body’s repair mechanism not only to heal acute injuries, but also to regenerate areas that have begun to break down.

This is what Regenerative Medicine is all about.  By harnessing the healing powers of your own body, concentrating them from both your blood (PRP) and bone marrow (MSCs), we are able to amplify your body’s healing mechanism.  Through precise visualization with both XR and Ultrasound guidance we are then able to direct with pinpoint accuracy this very powerful medicine to exactly where it is needed.


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Keiron Mathias
Keiron Mathias
16:20 14 Jan 19
Before coming to Dr. Bashir, I had multiple injuries including, Knee Shoulder and Neck. Being based in the UK I researched various companies and Dr. Bashir proved to be the ideal fit for the treatment that I was looking for. From the very first call, Dr. Bashir gave me the confidence that he would be able to improve my injuries. His personal service is exemplary. On arrival to Miami, I was impressed by the welcoming atmosphere of the clinic. The treatment was as expected and I look forward to great results.
Elena Chaqui-Tummolillo
Elena Chaqui-Tummolillo
17:13 03 Jan 19
Finding Ocyon and Dr. Bashir was truly a Godsend. After experiencing severe whiplash from a car accident 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. My neck was always stiff and in pain plus I had frequent headaches. I just wanted to avoid surgery and get back to my regular life. Dr. Bashir spent alot of time with me going over my MRI and discussing treatment options. He also educated me on regenerative medicine and gave me a tour of his state of the art facility. The procedure he performed on me was the best thing that ever happened. I was in and out the same day and it was completely painless. Within 1 week my headaches went away and my neck started feeling normal again. After my 1 month follow up visit, he showed me how my hernia had almost completely reduced and there was no longer any pressure on my nerves. I cannot be anymore grateful for Dr. Bashir and all of his very friendly staff. Thank you!
Maria Stark
Maria Stark
17:55 12 Nov 18
Dr. Bashir did a wonderful job when it came to my treatment. I came in with back issues and after having a treatment with Dr. Bashir I am now getting the relief that I needed. I am making great improvements and I am very impressed with the healing effect that my body has been able to achieve. Before meeting Dr. Bashir, my sleeping patterns were interrupted constantly and after my procedure, I am able to sleep all night without waking up in pain. I am very confident in the work Dr. Bashir preformed and have had great success with him. I am having improvements of up to 70%. The OCYON team is one of the best that I have encountered. They were very attentive and treated me like if I was part of their family.
Luis Bonilla
Luis Bonilla
20:37 02 Jan 19
I was involved in two car accidents is 2017, rear ended twice, not my year to say the least! I had done everything to avoid the "knife", so to speak, as I did not want surgery to repair my 4 herniated discs in my neck and my 3 herniated discs in my mid-back as a result of my two car accidents. I tried everything; acupuncture, chiropractor (three different ones), 18 injections in my back with anti-inflamatory and pain medications, and neck decompression therapy. Although these made me fell better the effects lasted only days. I did not know what else to do besides submitting myself to surgery which, in my early 50's with diabetes, high blood pressure and asthmatic, I did not want to do at all costs. I started to my own research on-line and came across Dr. Bashir and his team of healthcare professional and the work he was doing with platelet replacement therapy. I have never heard of it until then. Intrigued and hopeful I went to see Dr. Bashir for a consultation and after a few minutes of consultation I knew platelet replacement therapy was the way to go! After two treatments, 30 days apart, I felt many times better than when I walked in. Now, 5 months later, I have avoided surgery, regained mobility and range of motion and live pain free. The work that Dr. Bashir and his team, especially Randy, physical therapist who broke me down and put me back together so that Dr. Bashir can practice his art of regenerative medicine, can not be understated. I can enjoy my life again thanks to their professionalism and work. Avoid surgery at all costs until you have met Dr. Bashir and his team!
16:30 16 Jan 19
I have had chronic lower back pain and multiple shoulder surgeries over the last 20 years. Not wanting a shoulder replacement or back surgery at this time, I turned to Dr. Bashir for help. I told him about my situation and all the avenues of physical therapy and surgeries that did not yield the desired results. Dr Bashir was very professional and showed a kindness and concern that is not often displayed in the orthopedic field. I am still in the process of recovering, but the stem cell therapy has definitely given me hope that I will be back better than before and without the chronic pain. I am very happy with my choice to forego surgery and exercise all my options like regenerative medicine, and OCYON Regenerative and Dr. Bashir have my utmost confidence.James Quinn 01/16/2019
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