Exercise and Rehabilitation

Exercise and Rehabilitation is an important part of healing after a Regenerative Medicine procedure. Once Stem Cells and PRP have been placed into their target areas, they become highly metabolically active with a great amount of growth and reorganization taking place over a short period of time. Through the proper use of exercise, impulses and mechanical stress can be appropriately applied to regenerating areas helping them to organize and transform into desired tissue types. Creating an individualized program, specific to each patient’s injury requires not only an understanding of the complex biomechanics present in each unique case but also an understanding of what type of exercise and rehabilitation each patient feels comfortable. Using modalities such as traditional Physical Therapy and alternative methods such as Yoga, Tai-Chi, and Chi-Kung, at Ocyon we strive to develop a program for each patient that will allow the healing process to continue well into the future. Dr. Bashir is a registered Yoga Instructor (RYT-200) through Yoga Alliance and pulls heavily from his 15 plus years of Yoga and Chi-Kung training when helping patients to develop a full integrative rehabilitation plan.

Often times during our treatments we recommend the use of other modalities such as myofascial release, vibrokineses, ultrasound, electric stimulation, cupping, deep tissue massage and kiniseo-taping.

Injuries and musculoskeletal disorders are often complex and using Regenerative techniques alone will not completely address an issue. For example, hip osteoarthritis is often the result of lower lumbar disc degeneration which affects the nerves that control the muscles of the hip. Once these nerves are injured, the impulses to these muscles become interrupted, causing shortening, tears, and trigger points to develop, off-setting the delicate balance of forces present in the hip joint. As the hip bones move out of alignment, injuries develop which ultimately leads to the condition known commonly as osteoarthritis.

Through Regenerative work, we are able to target discs, nerves, muscles and the joint to create healing, however, true restoration of health can only come once the delicate balance of forces has been fully restored to an injured area. Through the use of these other modalities (myofascial release etc) muscles can be restored to their proper length, trigger points can be removed injuries can return to a normal state of biomechanics.

Our in house musculosketal rehabilitation expert, Randy Baltazar, often is involved with patient recovery. His development and implementation of a unique approach to musculoskeletal rehab has allowed our Regenerative work to reach another level of healing. Careful analysis and a team, patient centered approach from beginning to end, allows us to deliver optimal recovery.

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