Regenerative Medicine is an enigma to many patients and physicians. Promises of “new” cartilage abound, but the truth of the mechanisms of action are more subtle. Everyday we see patients with severe arthritis. Some plugging along, while others are barely able to walk. So why can one body mount resilience against the passing of time, while another pains and crumbles? The answer is the immune system. A robust system can maintain biochemical health, free of inflammation. A less healthy system, short circuits and the burden of mounting injuries leads to dysfunction. Herein lies one of the mysteries of Regenerative Medicine. Mesenchymal Stem Cells are repair and immune cells. These master cells restore biochemical health, providing pain reduction. However, the plot thickens. As seasoned practitioners learn, a pain free state creates anabolism. The longer this healthy environment is maintained tissue repair unfolds. It’s a delicate process, necessitating understanding by the physician with an ability to transmit this wisdom. Without this, patients quickly increase activities, only to short circuit any long term effects of these treatments. The art and science of Regenerative Medicine. A deeper understanding of the body’s inherent healing powers, in practice.

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